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Annabelle was born in Christchurch in September 1980. She has always loved to spend moments by herself in the magick of nature. She focuses on living lightly on the Earth in full connection with her true self and what she is here to do. She's passionate about plants and animals, and loves to read, write, paint, sing and dance.

Annabelle embraces organic food, conservation of biodiversity, celebration of sacred places, shamanism, ceremony, medicinal plants, permaculture, elemental realms and living in conscious community. She has been inspired to share her connections with the essence of life by publishing The Unicorns Garden.

Annabelle lives at the Unicorns Garden near to the Te Waikorupupu Springs, sacred waters of Takaka, Golden Bay, at the top of the South Island, New Zealand. The Unicorns Garden is three wild acres of land with a stream, native plants, fruit and nut trees, vege garden and a magnificent view over the valley where many rainbows form. She is inspired by psychic messages, dreams and intuition. Her journey of personal growth is ongoing.

Her intentions are to see the light in everyone and everything, to live in the moment, to trust life and all its unfolding, and to become a healer. And possibly write further books!

Annabelle Edmond     Annabelle Edmond

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