The Unicorns Garden

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The Unicorns Garden is a physical place as well as a book!

In Waikoropupu Valley, Golden Bay, near the sacred Waikoropupu Springs there are 3 acres of land dedicated to magic, beauty, healing, love and light.

With the use of permaculture, biodynamic, devic and intuitive practices the land is being restored and revitalized from a fenced, sprayed convention into an organic portal for realisation of truth, trust and multi-dimensions. 

Annabelle is focused on invoking the highest guidance to transform old paradigms that no longer serve the Earth or humanity into fresh new waves that serve the greater good of all.

Her priorities are to co-create a harmonious sanctuary for people, plants, creatures and elemental beings; to embrace a free, artistic and healthy lifestyle; to establish relationships that are happy, considerate, kind, respectful and fun; to play, experiment and learn through being and doing.


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